Nipple Covers for Chemotherapy Patients: Comfort and Confidence During Treatment

Chemotherapy is a treatment commonly used for cancer patients, but it often leads to side effects that can cause discomfort and distress, including the sensitivity and soreness of the nipples. Nipple covers can provide much-needed relief and comfort for those experiencing this side effect.

Nipple Covers for Chemotherapy Patients

Nipple covers are adhesive covers that are applied directly over the nipple. They are typically made of a soft, gentle silicone material that is gentle on the skin. They come in various sizes and shapes to fit different body types and preferences, with some being reusable while others are disposable.

Chemotherapy drugs can cause the skin to become dry and sensitive, making the nipples particularly sensitive and sore. Nipple covers act as a barrier between the nipples and clothing, reducing friction and irritation. They can also boost a patient's confidence and self-esteem during a challenging time.

When choosing nipple covers, chemotherapy patients should look for covers made of a soft, gentle material that will not irritate the sensitive skin. Silicone is an excellent choice for its comfort and durability. Patients should also consider the size and shape of the nipple covers, with some designed to mimic the appearance of a natural nipple, while others are more discreet.

Nipple covers can be found at specialty stores and online retailers, and patients can also consult with their healthcare provider or certified mastectomy fitter to find the right size and style for their needs. Some cancer centers and hospitals also provide nipple covers as part of their cancer care services.


In summary, nipple covers can provide much-needed relief and comfort for chemotherapy patients experiencing nipple sensitivity and soreness during treatment. Patients should choose nipple covers that are soft, easy to apply and remove, and the right size and shape for their needs. By using nipple covers, chemotherapy patients can feel more comfortable and confident during a challenging time.

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