How to Wear Nipple Covers with Backless Dresses: A Comprehensive Guide

In this post, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to wear nipple covers with backless dresses, including tips on selecting the right nipple covers, applying them correctly, and avoiding any potential mishaps. Backless dresses can be a stunning and elegant addition to any wardrobe, but they can also present a challenge when it comes to choosing the right undergarments. Traditional bras are often visible from the back, detracting from the dress's design and elegance. This is where nipple covers come in as the perfect solution. 

How to Wear Nipple Covers with Backless Dresses

The Basics of Nipple Covers

Before we dive into the specifics of wearing nipple covers with backless dresses, let's start with the basics. Nipple covers are small, circular patches made of fabric or silicone that adhere to the skin over the nipple. They provide coverage and prevent nipple protrusion, making them an ideal solution for sheer or form-fitting clothing. Nipple covers come in various sizes and shapes to suit different body types and are available in both reusable and disposable options.

Size and Shape:

To ensure nipple covers provide adequate coverage and stay in place throughout the day, it is crucial to choose the right size and shape. Measure the diameter of your nipple to select the appropriate size, and consider the shape of your breast when choosing a nipple cover shape.


Nipple covers are available in both fabric and silicone materials. Fabric nipple covers are comfortable and breathable, but they may not be as durable as silicone nipple covers, which are waterproof and reusable.


To ensure nipple covers blend seamlessly with your skin tone, it is essential to choose the right color. Nude-colored nipple covers are the most versatile and provide a natural look under clothing.

Applying Nipple Covers

Clean and Dry Skin:

Before applying nipple covers, ensure that the skin is clean and dry to ensure they adhere correctly. Avoid applying lotion, perfume, or any other skincare products that may affect the nipple cover's adhesive.


Start by positioning nipple covers over the nipple, pressing down gently on the edges to ensure they adhere correctly. Adjust the nipple cover's position as necessary to ensure adequate coverage.

Removing Nipple Covers:

When removing nipple covers, gently peel them away from the skin, taking care not to damage the nipple cover or the skin.

Tips for Wearing Nipple Covers with Backless Dresses

Selecting the Right Backless Dress:

When choosing a backless dress to wear with nipple covers, consider the dress's design and the amount of coverage it provides. Opt for a dress with a low back that allows you to wear nipple covers without exposing them.

Matching Your Skin Tone:

To ensure a seamless look, match nipple covers to your skin tone as closely as possible. Choose nipple covers that blend in with your skin tone to avoid noticeable lines or bumps.

Testing Nipple Covers:

Before wearing nipple covers with a backless dress in public, test them at home to ensure they remain in place and provide adequate coverage throughout the day.


Wearing nipple covers with backless dresses can provide a stylish and elegant solution to a common wardrobe challenge. By selecting the right size, shape, and material, and following the tips for applying and wearing them correctly, you can confidently wear nipple covers with any backless dress and create a polished and chic look. Remember, the key is to ensure the nipple covers remain in place and provide adequate coverage, allowing you to rock your backless dress with confidence.

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