How to pick nipple covers that won't show through clothing

How to pick nipple covers that won't show through clothing

Luckily, there are ways to choose nipple covers that won't show through clothing, while still providing the coverage and support you need. Are you tired of worrying about your nipple covers showing through your clothes? It can be frustrating to find the perfect outfit, only to have the look ruined by visible nipple covers. 

How to pick nipple covers that won't show through clothing

  1. Choose the Right Size The first step to selecting nipple covers that won't show through clothing is to choose the right size. Make sure to measure your nipples to find the appropriate size for your body. If your nipple covers are too small, they won't cover your nipples completely, and if they're too large, they'll be visible through your clothing.

  2. Opt for Neutral Colors Choosing nipple covers in neutral colors like nude or beige is a great way to ensure they won't show through your clothing. These colors blend well with most skin tones and won't be visible through light or sheer fabrics.

  3. Look for a Smooth Surface Nipple covers with a smooth surface are less likely to show through clothing than those with a textured surface. Look for covers made from a smooth fabric like silicone or polyester.

  4. Consider the Fabric of Your Clothing The type of fabric you're wearing can also impact how visible your nipple covers are. Light or sheer fabrics will make your covers more visible, while thicker fabrics like cotton or denim will hide them better.

  5. Check the Coverage Area Make sure to check the coverage area of the nipple covers you're considering. If they're too small, they won't provide enough coverage and may show through clothing. Look for nipple covers with a larger diameter to ensure they cover your entire nipple area.

  6. Test Them Out Before wearing your nipple covers out in public, test them out at home first. Wear them with different types of clothing and in different lighting to make sure they aren't visible through your clothing.


By following these tips, you can select nipple covers that won't show through your clothing, providing you with the confidence to wear any outfit you desire. Remember to choose the right size, opt for neutral colors, look for a smooth surface, consider the fabric of your clothing, check the coverage area, and test them out before wearing them in public.

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