DIY Nipple Covers How to Make Your Own Fashionable & Functional Pasties at Home

DIY Nipple Covers: How to Make Your Own Fashionable & Functional Pasties at Home

Nipple covers, also known as pasties, are a great way to go braless while avoiding nipple show-through. With some simple supplies, you can easily make your own stylish and comfortable DIY nipple covers at home. Not only are homemade pasties cheaper than store-bought ones, you can also customize them to match your outfits or skin tone.

Why Make Your Own Nipple Covers?

Buying nipple covers from the store can get expensive, with quality pairs costing $10-20. Making your own allows you to create multiple pairs for a fraction of the cost using basic craft supplies. It's also fun to customize your DIY pasties to match different looks. For example, you can use sequins, lace, or metallic fabrics to go with a particular dress or top. Homemade nipple covers also allow you to achieve an exact skin-tone match if needed.

How to Make DIY Nipple Covers: Key Steps

Making your own nipple covers is easy with the right materials and just a few steps:

Gather Your Supplies

  • Fabric (felt, silk, sequined fabric, etc.)
  • Foam, microfiber cloths, or cotton balls for padding
  • Double-sided fashion tape or fabric glue
  • Scissors and pinking shears

Cut Circles of Fabric

Use a cup or other circular object as a template to cut circles of your chosen fabric. Make the diameter approximately 1.5-2 inches. Cut two circles per cover.

Add Padding to One Circle

Place padding material like foam, cloth, or cotton on one fabric circle. This provides nipple concealment and shape. Glue or tape the padding in place.

Align and Attach the Circles

Align the padded and unpadded circles with right sides facing. Apply glue or double-sided tape around the edge and press together to seal.

Trim Edges and Wear

Use pinking shears to trim seam allowances. Place the homemade covers on your nipples and press gently to adhere. Check the fit and make any adjustments needed.

With the right fabrics and a personalized design, your DIY pasties can be fashionable as well as functional! Making your own nipple covers allows you to change up colors and patterns anytime.

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