Breast Petals for Smooth Nipple Coverage Without a Bra

Breast Petals for Smooth Nipple Coverage Without a Bra

Breast petals provide lightweight nipple coverage under clothing as an alternative to bras. These flower-shaped pads smooth out the nipple area for a seamless look.

What Are Breast Petals?

Breast petals, also called pedals bras, are small padded stickers that adhere directly onto the nipple. Petal pasties come in soft microfiber or silicone to comfortably conceal nipple protrusion.

Flower shaped breast petals contour delicately around the nipple for subtle shaping. The petals lift and define the breast without significant enhancement.

Reusable, washable petals allow you to wear them repeatedly. Disposable pedals bras are also available for one time nipple coverage.

Benefits of Wearing Breast Petals

Petals nipple covers offer breathable nipple concealment without a bra. The lightweight boob petals are ideal for:

  • Sheer dresses or tops
  • Plunging necklines
  • Going braless
  • Evening wear
  • Under wire-free bras for extra coverage

The thin petal pasties stay securely on all day and night. Most brands offer nude, skin-tone shades of reusable breast petals.

How to Apply and Wear Breast Petals

Make sure nipples are oil-free before applying petals bras. Press the adhesive petals firmly on each nipple for 30 seconds. Smooth gently from center outward.

Check edges are stuck well before wearing your top. Carry extras in case reapplication is needed. Wash reusable silicone or microfiber petals gently with mild soap after wearing.

Breast petals allow nipple coverage without constricting bras. The flower petal design provides subtle shaping for perky definition. Find your perfect petals for smooth confidence without a bra.

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