Get to Know Nippies - The Original Nipple Covers

Get to Know Nippies - The Original Nipple Covers

Nippies brand nipple covers are a popular solution for concealing nipples under clothing. The discreet nipple covers provide adhesive coverage for women's nipples.

What Are Nippies Nipple Covers?

Nippies are reusable nipple covers made of smooth medical-grade silicone that adheres directly to the skin. The nippy covers come in various skin tone shades to seamlessly match most complexions. They provide full coverage and shaping over the nipple area.

Nippies nipple covers are different from pasties because they have more structure and shaping built in. The contoured nippy covers mold over the entire nipple for a smooth silhouette under clothing.

Nippy Covers Reviews and Results

Reviews of Nippies covers are overwhelmingly positive. The nippy nipple covers stay put all day and solve embarrassing nipple show through. The medical grade silicone is comfortable even for sensitive skin.

The adhesive used on these luxury nipple covers is hypoallergenic and latex-free. It's strong enough to keep the nippy covers in place without tugging or peeling.

Many reviewers say Nippies are the best nipple covers they've tried. The smooth nippy boobs appearance under clothing boosts confidence.

Where to Buy Nippy Co Nipple Covers

Nippies brand nipple covers are sold on the company's website Each reusable pair of nippie skin covers retails around $25.

You can also find Nippies nipple covers in the lingerie or shapewear sections of department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's. Plus, Nippies are sold at specialty bra and lingerie boutiques.

For convenient shopping, nipple covers from Nippies are available on

Overall, Nippies reusable nipple covers provide an effective nipple concealing solution. The nippy cover reviews and results make them a top brand for seamless nipple coverage under clothes.

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