Finding Pasties In Stores and Shops Near You

Finding Pasties In Stores and Shops Near You

Pasties provide nipple coverage for going braless in revealing outfits. With the rise in pasties popularity, here are tips on where to conveniently buy pasties near you.

Check Lingerie Stores

Many lingerie boutiques and bra fitting stores now carry pasties. Look for brands like Nippies, Nippleez, and Lola Getts pasties in lingerie shops. These stores have trained staff to help find the right pasties adhesive and skin shades.

Beauty Retailers

Stores like Sephora, Ulta and European Wax Center sell pasties in their beauty and skin care departments. These locations offer quality nipple cover options like silicone pasties.

Online Retailers

Websites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target allow you to buy pasties online and receive them quickly. Browse top pasties brands and customer reviews to choose products.


Some drugstores like CVS sell disposable pasties near feminine products. These provide inexpensive, one-use nipple covers.

Check Product Listings

Call ahead or browse store websites to confirm which types of pasties are in stock. Look up "nipple covers" or "breast petals" if the term pasties isn't used.

For convenient access, find go-to pasties at lingerie shops, beauty stores or online. With more pasties buying options near you, get the perfect nipple covers for your outfit needs.

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