How to Wear and Use Pasties

How to Wear and Use Pasties

Pasties are circular nipple covers that allow you to go braless while keeping nipples concealed under clothing. Learning proper application techniques ensures pasties stay securely in place all day or night.

What Are Pasties?

Pasties are small nipple coverings made of silicone, fabric or other materials that adhere directly onto the breast. Pasties provide coverage and shaping over the nipple area to hide protrusion under clothes.

Some pasties brands like Nippies and Lola Gets offer reusable, washable pasties. Others like Nippie OneOne make single-use disposable pasties.

How to Apply and Wear Pasties

Make sure skin is clean and dry before applying pasties. Remove any lotion or powder from the breast area.

Peel the pasties off the backing and apply directly centered over each nipple. Press gently but firmly and smooth each pastie outwards from the center to remove any air bubbles.

Let pasties sit for 30-60 seconds before putting on your top to allow adhesive to activate. Check edges have adhered smoothly with no folding or lifting.

For best hold, avoid excess perspiration and oil buildup under pasties. Clean reusable pasties gently with mild soap and water after each use.

Pasties Outfit Ideas

Pasties allow you to go braless in backless dresses, plunging necklines, sheer tops and more. Neutral skin-tone pasties disappear under light fabrics. Reusable silicone pasties work for strapless bridal gowns.

Have extra pasties on hand in case reapplication is needed, especially with single-use versions. Carry pasties in a small pouch or holder to keep adhesive clean when not worn.

With the right pasties for your outfit, you can wear trendy, revealing styles without showing more than you intend. Follow application tips for secure pasties placement.

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